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El día de los muertos 29/10/2009

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I would like you to watch this video and explain your observations below in English. This Mexican holiday coincides almost exactly with Halloween. How does it differ from our holiday? What questions would you have if you could continue this presentation? What other questions would you ask the people interviewed? (8-10 sentences minimum)


15 Responses to “El día de los muertos”

  1. Maestra Giblin Says:

    Profe., quisiera averiguar todo lo que es necesario para construir y hacer una ofrenda estupenda para los muertos. Ud. cree que la gente se pone triste durante este dia o es que todo lo que pasa durante el dia es una celebracion? Favor de perdonar mi ortografia, es que no puedo cambiar la tecla en mi portatil

    • srapm Says:

      No se preocupe Maestra en cuanto a los accentos porque como muchos programas no aceptan tildes es aceptado no usar los en los blog y otros ambiente “virtuales”. En cuanto a los retablos, me imagino que sea algo dulce amargo para muchas personas. Es un momento feliz porque estas celebrando el espiritu de un ser querido pero simultaneamente es algo triste porque es persona ya no esta. En cuanto a lo necesario para un retablo – se que lo indispensable suele ser una foto de la persona y cosas que representan la vida y gustos de esa persona. Despues me imagino que hay variaciones regionales. Nunca he vivido el dia de los muertos en personas y tendre que preguntar a alguien que lo ha vivido para poder estar segura.

  2. Adi Says:

    The day of the dead and halloween are different because they are based on two different things. Halloween is based on when people used to believe that people would try and haunt you so you would try not to be yourself. Now, people go to parties and they to trick or treating to get free candy. Halloween is just for fun. The day of the dead is when people go to see their beloved one’s grave and place flowers and candy on their grave. The day of the dead says that there is only one day where the dead people can be “alive” but only for that one day. In halloween people are just trying to have fun and to dress up. In the day of the dead, people go to their loved one’s graves.

    • Paul Says:

      When people think of Halloween, they think of costumes, candy and possibly death. When people think about Day of the Dead, they think that it is like Halloween. Those people are wrong. Halloween is very different from the Day of the Dead in many different ways. The day of the Dead is when Mexicans honor the dead by placing food and drink on their beloved ones graves. Halloween is mostly a candy giving holiday nowadays. Halloween is a Christian holiday, even though most people have forgotten. In the United States, Halloween, as many other holidays, has become so commercialized that most people are not really aware of the history behind it. Mexico’s Day of the Dead has remained much more traditional. Though, Halloween is often celebrated here now as well. Both holidays are centered around death, and both are influenced by each particular country’s view on death.

    • Srapm Says:

      Nicely put Adi!

  3. soto Says:

    I agree with Adi, these two days are quite different. The Day of The Dead celebrates the death and acceptance of soul. Halloween is the opposite. The Day of The Dead is a serious day, Halloween is a fun day. Also there are two days to The Day of The Day, Halloween is only one. The two days are constantly celebrated, Halloween is only at night. Both days now, are meant to be happy. They both are based on Christian beliefs. Where ever you are and what ever you believe, this time of the year is a fun one no matter how you look at it.

  4. Saco Says:

    When i think in Halloween i think of candy, witches, wizards, stuff like that. But the Day of the Dead or El dia de los mertos is a little different. Day of the Dead is when people go and pay there respects to there love one how have passed away. Some people in Mexico go to cemeteries to decorate there resting place. Some families make the tump look very nice and pretty. They decorate the tump with flowers. If i was interviewing this people i would ask why are they using flowers? and do you do this every year? and if so do you injoy this day?

  5. Briana J Says:

    Halloween used to be a holiday in which people wore costumes to scare away evil spirits. Today, Halloween is nothing more than a chance for companies to make money and American ‘holiday’ in which people go door to door for free candy. Although both holidays are supposed to be about death, Day of the dead is a much more serious holiday. Hispanic families spend time making the graves of their dead/loved ones vibrant and celebrating their death. They also place important memorabilia and foods/drinks in order to honor them. While Halloween is celebrated for 1 day, Day of the Dead is a 2 days.

  6. Briana J Says:

    the last sentence should say :
    While Halloween is celebrated for 1 day, Day of the Dead is celebrated for 2 days. One day in honor of the deceased children and the other, for the older dead people.

  7. Ishaan Says:

    I thought it was kind of weird, because they decorate the dead people, but I like how the people are very festive, and appreciate the people of the dead. One other thing I learned from this video, is that Halloween is celebrated for one entire day. In Mexico, the festival Day of the dead is for 2 entire days.

  8. Rachel Ahn Says:

    The Day of the Dead is more exuberant and happy than somber. On the other hand, on halloween, people put up decorations of skeletons than are rather scary than happy-looking. However, both holidays has to do with how the country views death. One other difference is that Halloween is only for entertainment, but the day of the dead is to think of the people that have passed away.

  9. Alina Yaman Says:

    The day of the dead is the day where people in spanish speaking countries celebrate the lives of those close to them who passed away. The people believe that the children’s souls come out on the first day and the adults’ souls come out on the second day. The people visit their relatives’ graves and they decorate them elaborately, presenting offerings for the souls of their relatives so that they are more likely to come out and so that they can remember what they used to have and their lives overall. This is a big part of Spanish speaking countries’ culture, as it is a day to remember those who have died, but it is also a celebration of the next stage in life, which is death. It is different from Halloween because it has a much deeper meaning than Halloween. The day of the dead is a day for families to come together and celebrate death, where halloween is a day to dress up in costumes and ask for candy from strangers with friends.
    I would probably ask about how the celebrations are different in Mexico and in Spain. I would also ask where this idea originated from and I would ask whether the people stay at the graves of the deceased over-night or whether they go home and visit the next day. I would ask the first man interviewed about the steps in life that the Mexicans believed a person went through. I would ask the second man interviewed about why the children came out first and the adults came second.

  10. David Kim Says:

    The Day of the Dead, or rather, Days of the Dead, last for 2 days. It is a lengthy and festive celebrationin which people believe that dead people will visit them as spirits and eat the food tha they offer. Unlike Halloween here in America, the Day of the Dead is more of a carefree and happy day, while Halloween concntrates mroe on the scary aspects of the culture. On the other hand, they are both similar becuase they both use decorations to signify the day. However, in Mexico, people use skeletons and variations of skeletons as decorations, but people in America use a greater variety of things, such as zombies, ghosts, and spider webs. The Day of the Dead lasts 2 days in which childrenappear onthe first day, while adults come back on the second. A question I would have liked to ask was why children and adults culd not come back on a single day, and why they would onlytake food as offerings.

  11. Noah S Says:

    I believe that the Day Of The Dead shouldn’t correspond with Halloween. I believe that the Day Of The Dead is a lot more formal in many ways. The people in that celebrate this remind themselvs of important rituals while they celebrate this holiday, while people think of candy when they remind themselvs of Halloween. For the Day Of The Dead, it is costume to go to the graves of the people that you have lost and to remember them, and to wait for them at your house by offering food to them. This is similar to Halloween, but we wait for child, who are happily alive, who come to our house for nothing more than to get candy and to go to another house.
    If Halloween is suppose to be like the Day Of The Dead, i think our culture has adapted it to be a lot different.

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