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Fare le compere 07/03/2012

Filed under: Italiano 1 — srapm @ 2:59 pm

Guadare tre dei video e fare dei commenti in inglese.  Per fare i commenti devi pulsare “leave a comment” e poi scrivere tre a cinque frasi che esprimono la tua opinione su i mercati.

Campo dei Fiori a Roma

Mercato di Pesce a Venezia

Mercato Central di San Lorenzo a Firenze

Un centro commerciale a Milano


26 Responses to “Fare le compere”

  1. srapm Says:

    I am not a big clothes shopper, so the Galleria in Milano doesn’t really impress me. As you already know, I love food, so the food markets fascinate me. When I lived overseas I got to know the people I bought my food from very well and to be honest, it is something I miss here. In the states I always go to the supermarket to shop and no one knows who I am. The only similar experience I have here is my local bakery, which I visit quite often. The shopkeeper knows me well and my daughter Lucia always ends up getting a free cookie. 🙂

  2. Shira Says:

    Although the baked goods and the rest of the products that are sold at Campo dei Fiori look delicious, I don’t think that I would have a good shopping experience there due to the fact that I am not an early bird. I do not eat fish therefore the Venice Fish Market would not be an enjoyable place for me to shop, especially for food that I would not indulge in. The Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo seems to be a good fit for someone like myself because it offers a great variety of foods. The Galleria in Milano impresses greatly impresses me. I would consider the Galleria in Milano as my ideal shopping location because I love fashion and I am very interested in it.

  3. Anthony Limbardo Says:

    I usually wake up early, so I think that I would enjoy going to Campo dei Fiori ad the bakery near by, early in the morning. I don’t think that the museum would interest me very much. I do not enjoy shopping for clothes so the Galleria would not be on the top of my list, but I would check it out. I love fish so the fish Market would be pretty cool.

  4. Christina Says:

    I am not at all an early bird so waking up at 6 in the morning to go to the Campo dei Fiori doesn’t really appeal to me. I like the idea of the fresh foods served there though. I eat a lot of seafood so the Mercato di Pesce would be a great place for me to go. The other thing that I liked was the Mercato Central because it was like supermarkets in America, with many different choices of things to buy and its very convinient. The Galleria is very attractive to tourists, especially those who go to Italy to check out the latest fashions.

  5. Dryden Says:

    I really liked the Campo dei fiori, I am a big food fan the only problem is I am definitely not a morning person. I am allergic to most fish so I do not think I would have the best time at the Venice fish market. I think I would really enjoy the Mercato central di San Lorenzo, Like I said I really love food and enjoy to taste different foods that I have never had before. I do not think I would enjoy the shops at Milan because I do not like clothes shopping that much and I would not enjoy walking around for hours shopping.

  6. Amy Says:

    Campo di fiori was one of my favorite places out of all the videos because, it looked like a touristic place and also with all the food shops ,hotels ,bakeries and restaurants all nearby seems like a cool place. The Mercato di pesce was my least favorite place because I don’t like seafood therefore I probably wouldn’t go there. The Mercato central was an ok market it was very crowded and I don’t think it would fit me well , but it did look like it had good food.

  7. srapm Says:

    Okay, so it looks like Anthony and I are going food shopping at the crack of dawn! The rest of you can catch up later. I have been to all of these places and hopefully you will go one day. The only thing I remember of the Galleria is that there is a historic cafe facing the duomo. That tells you a lot about how much I follow fashion!

  8. Bianca Says:

    Campo dei Fiori seems like a really good place to go and see, but I think it would be to early for me. I really like the fish market because I love to eat fish. Also, I like to try all different kinds of fish, so that would be a really good place for me to go visit. The Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo would be a perfect place for me to go, since there is such a variety of food. I would love to go to the Galleria, because I love to shop.

  9. arianna Says:

    I am a big fan of seafood, the fish market in Venice was something I wish I could go to. Like many others said, I too am not a morning person so the Campo dei Fiori a Roma is not somewhere I would be interested in going to. The Mercato Central di San Lorenzo was really interesting but it seemed smaller and crowded. My favorite place of all the videos though would have to be the Un centro commerciale a Milano, it’s like a really amazing mall/huge shopping center.

  10. Daniel Says:

    I don’t usually get up that early so the dawn markets aren’t for me. I love baked goods but it is way too early. I think that the fish market isn’t for me because i don’t really like seafood except for sushi. I think i would visit the Mercato Central di San Lorenzo because it has a lot of food which i would like to try or love to eat already. I thought that the “un centro commerciale a Milano” had nice architecture, but it was way to crowded. I don’t really like shopping for clothes also, so i don’t think i would like it.

  11. Hannah Says:

    I for one, am a pretty big fan of sea food, so I would love to visit the market in Venice, and maybe even though I probably couldn’t get up enough to get the best fish I could still go to see the spectacle it seems to be. The Galerie Vittorio Emanuele seemed very crowded, but also very beautiful, and a very interesting place to shop. I’d love to visit any of these places some time in my life.

  12. iva Says:

    Campo dei Fiori a Roma looks very intersting and the food looks amazing but i do not like waking up early at all which wouldn’t make Campo dei Fiori a Roma a place I’d like to visit. i would love to visit is the fish market in venice because i really want to visit venice and i love to eat fish. Mercato Central di San Lorenzo seemed interseting and very different compared to the food stores in the U.S, and i would like visit Mercato Central di San Lorenzo. My favorite out of all the locations has to be Un centro commerciale a Milano, because i love to shop and the shopping center is very crowded which means you can get a feel how people in italy dress compare it to yourself.

  13. Peyton Says:

    Although the food at the Camp dei Fiori looks delicious, i do not wake up early enough to go there. I dont eat any fish so the fish market does not appeal to me either. The Mercato Central di San Lorenzo seems like somewhere i would enjoy going, it looked like i would like most of the food there. the Un centro commerciale a Milano has a little bit of everything which i like, its very big and i love to shop so that seems like it would be my favorite out of all the places.

  14. Samantha Says:

    Even though the food from campo dei fiori looked amazing, I’m the worst morning person ever so that wouldn’t be good good for me. I’m not the biggest fish person either so the fish market wouldn’t be a good place for me.

  15. victoria a Says:

    I don’t think I would make it to Campo dei Fiori because I wouldn’t be able to wake up that early for it. The bread shop looked very good though, with fresh pasta which is the best. I don’t like fish or any seafood so even though the Mercato di Pesce looks nice I probably wouldn’t last very long there. The Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo was very cool. They had so many different things there and everything was fresh I would definitely enjoy visiting. I would also visit the centro commerciale in Milan.

  16. Carley Says:

    I think the places I would enjoy the most are the Centro Commerciale in Milan and the Mercato Central di San Lorenzo in Firenze. The Centro Commerciale seems like a very interesting place to go and it seems different from everywhere else, kind of like a sight to see. The Mercato Central di San Lorenzo has many different options and is open at convenient hours. Also, their food seems just as fresh and good as the other places, with more variations on them. The other two places might not be for me because the Campo dei Fiori a Roma is open too early for me to wake up and the fish in the Mercato di Pesce a Venezia wouldn’t look so appetizing and i might get grossed out.

  17. Jasdip Binning Says:

    Campo dei fiori looks like a really fun place to be, and if I ever go there, I would want to visit the churches, because they look so beautiful, and I love art. Also, it is a tourist attraction, so if I ever go to Italy, going to Campo dei fiori would be on the list of the top 10 places I want to visit in Italy. I liked how everything was fresh there. The bakery made fresh pastries, bread, croissants, and other stuff. The restaurant made fresh pasta. They had many different types of pasta, but a lot of people seemed to like the fresh penne pasta, as do I. There are so many things to see in Italy, but I would love to go to a local market and see all of the things they have.

  18. Yuval Says:

    I love pastries but I don’t know how early I am willing to wake up to get them. It’s worth a try though they look really good. I like fish in sushi- well maybe not after what we talked about in class but the smell of fish and sea food disgusts me so I probably would not enjoy my time in the fish market. The central Market is something I would probably have an easy time finding my way thruogh and it offers a great variety of foods. The galleria is something thats a great experience because shopping in Italy is very different than here in the united states and It would be cool looking at all the different fashion styles.

  19. Despina Katradis Says:

    I would definitely go to Galerie Vittorio Emanuele ll because the arcitcture is so beautiful. It looks so busy and so beautiful to walk around and see all the beautiful murals and sculptures.

  20. Evan Katradis Says:

    I would definitely go to the campo dei Fiori because I think we went there when we went to Rome. Plus my sister and my mom would wake me up. The food looks delicious and definitely worth waking up for.

  21. Despina Katradis Says:

    I would definitely go to the centro di commerciale because of the shopping and the site seeing its gorgeous. And all the architecture is so romantic and looks like a fun place to walk around and hang out for a day.

  22. i enjoyed watching the Mercato in Firenze because i will be going there over spring break, and staying right in the center of Firenze. I will also like to see the fish market in Venice because i will try to go there too. The different fashions in Milan interested me and i will try to see the differences when i go there.

  23. Andrew Kurtz Says:

    Although I am not that into clothes shopping I would definitely go to the centro di commerciale because of the architecture alone. I like the open design and the glass roof. i would also go to the mercato di pesce a venezia because it just seems so cool to go and see/buy freshly caught fish. i do not particularly enjoy waking up at 6:00am however i would consider doing so to go to the campo dei fiori. its just fascinating to see a market like that, the way they used to be.

  24. Eric L'Heureux Says:

    Even though all the products at Campo dei Fiori a Roma, It would not be my first choice because I don’t like to wake up early. I think I would enjoy shopping at the Mercato di Pesce a Venezia because I like fish. The Mercato Central di San Lorenzo a Firenze looks like they have a wide variety of products and would be an easy spot to get many basic foods. Un centro commerciale a Milano looks like a beautiful place but I don’t see what I would by from there. They place that I am most likely to visit is the Mercato Central di San Lorenzo a Firenze.

  25. Roberto Says:

    The Campo Dei Fiori sounds pretty cool. I love food but I hate waking up early in the morning. I enjoy eating most fish but I’m not sure if i would like the Venice Fish Market because I do not like the smell of fish. The Mercato Central Di San Lorenzo seems interesting because I’m interested in foreign/exotic foods that I’ve never had before. The shops at Milan don’t seem to interest me since I don’t care much for shopping. I’ll usually wear whatever is comfortable regardless of looks and don’t like to spend hours shopping for clothes.

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