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American vs Italian commercials 26/02/2013

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Below I have included the American and Italian versions of advertisements for Lavazza, a coffee brand and for Nutella, a hazelnut spread.  I want you to do two things.  Watch the Italians commercials or spots first and write down words you understood.  You will bring this list to class. Then, please watch all four and post a comment that explains what differences and similarities you see in these advertisements.

http://youtu.be/mxqIUrvO57g (Lavazza USA)

http://youtu.be/5ujwyn_4E2k (Lavazza Italia)

http://youtu.be/bqovWG_ewk0 (Nutella Italia)

http://youtu.be/zqA_ZUJcj_w (Nutella USA)


35 Responses to “American vs Italian commercials”

  1. Allie Says:

    The American and Italian Lavazza commercials were very different. The American one was seductive and took place in Venice whereas the Italian commercial was more funny and took place on a cloud. The Nutella commercials were very similar in the way it portrayed Nutella. Both had a family eating Nutella on bread and both talked about the ingredients and health facts of Nutella.

    • srapm Says:

      FYI – the Lavazza one in Italian is supposed to take place in heaven and the guy with the beard is “Saint Peter” o Pietro.

  2. jackie koles Says:

    i watched the Lavazza commercials. i found that the italian one was much more comedic then the American Lavazza commerical. the American version was very seductive and trying to be in a way “sexy”. but the Italian one took place in a cloud and was much more funny then the American version.
    Marta Koles

  3. Melissa Noorily Says:

    In Italian Lavazza video, the men are fun and the coffee seems like part of their entertainment. The coffee is supposed to be part of a fun time with friends. In the Americanized version of the Lavazza commercial, it is romantic and appears as an authentic and luxurious Italian company. On the other hand, both Nutella commercials were very similar. They both emphasized family and the nutritional facts about the Nutella.

  4. Blake Says:

    I watched the nutella commercials. Both commercials were very similar and had happiness and family. They inclued key nutritional facts about nutella and why its good for you. I also watched both Lavazza commercials. Both were very different, in the american one it took place in venice and the commerical was trying to draw their audience by a sense of seductiveness. In the italian one it was a funny commercial and looked like it took place in heaven or on a “cloud”.
    Bacco Berne

  5. Leonardo Tamir Says:

    I have watched all four videos and have seen many differences.Starting with Lavazza the commercials went in two completely opposite ways. the first or the american one went in romance and attraction when the Italian one went with comedy and a bunch of guys just laughing and sipping coffee. IN the Nutella commercial the were actually very similar in a few ways. first they show both bringing families together especially in the Italian one as we have learned family is important in Italy. Then it talks about what it is made out of in both. showing that Italian and american commercials can be very similar or very different.

  6. claire renaud Says:

    The American commercial for Lavazza is romantic and makes it seem that drinking the coffee is a “real Italian experience.” The Italian version was comedic and fun, showing that they were having a good time while drinking the coffee. The Nutella commercials were both very similar and had a family eating Nutella and showed the ingredients and nutritional facts.

  7. Sharon Victory Says:

    For the American Lavazza commercial, it had a more romantic and seductive feel to it. It tried to appeal to people with emotion and feeling. The Italian version seemed more fun and light. They tried to appeal to people in a fun way. The Italian nutella commercial brought the aspect of health and family all into one. The American version had all of that too, but it showed the family in more of a rush to leave, instead of eating as a family.

  8. Luca (Levi) Says:

    The four commercials cater to a heterogeneous array of consumers and therefore use different means in order to appeal their product to the audience. The coffee company, Lavazza, charms its American consumers using a strong theme of romanticism throughout the commercial in order to glorify their product. The ad takes place in Venice, giving the audience in America a sense that the coffee is foreign, yet genuinely “made in Italy”. In contrast, the Italian version of the commercial for the same product uses a humorous theme, giving the commercial a lighter and joyful undertone.
    The Nutella commercials seem to follow a similar pattern in that both commercials, for America and Italy, use different advertisement tools to appeal to their audience. The American Nutella ad takes place in what seems to be an ordinary American morning, making the commercial relatable to those watching. The advertisement focuses on the health benefits of eating Nutella and how the ingredients are fresh, which would appeal to the recent American “health craze”. The Italian commercial focuses on the Italian staple of family and how eating Nutella can unite a family around a dinner table together.

  9. Ilana Rothstein Says:

    The American and Italian Lavazza videos were very different. The American commercial seemed to be romantic, seductive, and took place in Italy. The Italian commercial took place in heaven and had a fun, comedic twist on it. The Nutella commercials were very similar to each other. They both mentioned the ingredients, and showed the Nutella in a family setting. The Italian commercial however, said that is was all natural and showed the viewers where it came from. I also liked how the Italian commercial showed the family eating the Nutella together, unlike the American commercial where the family was in a rush and the mother just quickly gave them Nutella on bread. In a way, both of the Nutella commercials show a sense of lifestyle in both America and Italy.

  10. Pierluigi Says:

    I noticed a big difference between the two Lavazza commercials. In the Italian version, they were making fun of Americans and the men were just having fun. They were laughing and mocking the American with his coffee. However, the Italian commercial was very different. It had a romantic, seductive mood which they associated with the drinking of their Italian espressos.
    I found the Nutella commercials very similar. Both were about families and played a big emphasis on easiness and healthiness of the product. If the languages in the commercials were switched, nobody would be able to tell which audience each was intended for.

  11. Iacop Says:

    The American and Italian Lavazza take 2 different approaches to advertise their company. The American one is more romantic and serious. The Italian video was more comedic. Both the Nutella commercials are the same i the way they target the family

  12. Mirella Zaccario Says:

    The Italian and American Lavazza were different in their own ways. Italian Lavazza showed how great the coffee is suppose to be. However, the American Lavazza gave a more romantic theme with the two people drinking coffee in Venice. Both Nutella videos seemed to be similar. The Italian and American explained how great Nutella is, but the videos had two different stories. American video showed the family having a quick breakfast and the Italian commercial gave a description of having a snack with the family.

  13. Jonny Says:

    I watched all four commercials and i thought the nutella commercials were more interesting simply beacuse they were both very alike. The Italian version shows the family coming toegether and eating because the nutella birngs them toegether and it also talks about calories. In the american version it does almost the exact same thing, it portrays another family coming toegether at breakfast time and it depcits them doing things that they wouldnt usually do but the nutella acts as an aid to there breakfest “helping” them do these things.

  14. Nico Lafferty Says:

    the American and Italian lavazza videos are different the American one says that when you have the coffee you will find love, the Italian video shows how the coffee is natural and that it is made of fresh materials. The American nutella video really talks about the taste of the nutella and what it makes tastes better, the Italian nutella video shows what nutella is made of but also shows what you should put nutella on and it will taste even better.

  15. Zach Hacklander Says:

    The American Lavazza commercial was romantic, and used people who were more attractive to most people had a a seductive orientation while the Italian Lavazza commercial had a more comedic feel to to it as it involved people who were on a cloud in heaven including Saint Peter. The American Nutella commercial was about a typical American family which has kids that rush to school in the morning. The commercial emphasizes the fact that it tastes good with whole wheat bread which is a healthier alternative and that it will get your ids to eat whole wheat bread. The Italian commercial emphasizes the Italian family with a small meal with the whole family with the mother cooking. The video also shows how the Italian meals are relaxed affairs unlike most American’s mornings.

  16. alec byron Says:

    i watched the Lavazza commercials. The Italian one was more funny and an entertaining commercial and took place in heaven, while the American version was much more romantic or seductive, than the Italian version. The American Lavazza commercial took place in Italy
    -Bacco Byron

  17. Gensiana Cicero Says:

    I noticed that the Italian version of the Lavazza commercial was very different than the American one. The Italian one was comedic and fun, where as the Lavazza commercial targeted to people in the USA was more romantic. Also, the Italian Lavazza commercial took place in heaven, and the American commercial took place in Venice. I also noticed that the Italian commercial was more about the coffee itself, and the American commercial was more about the feelings the coffee should make you think of. I thought that the Italian and American Nutella commercials were more similar though. They both talked about the ingredients that go into Nutella, and they both focus on it being a good meal for families with children. There were differences in the families though, with the Italian family being a bit more relaxed and sitting down together to eat, and the American family being in a rush to get out the door, but still enjoying the Nutella.

  18. Robert Shaner Says:

    The two lavazza videos were each showing something different. The American one showed two people on a date and getting very close and intimate. And the Italian one was suppose to be funny and the one guy was very loud and they were saying paradizzo, and it looked like they were in heaven. One showed it will bring you close together and another showed you will be in paradise when you drink it.

  19. Brian Wool Says:

    The american and Italian Lavazza videos were nothing alike. The american commercial seemed very romantic and took place in italy while the italian commercial was funnier and took place in heaven. The nutella commercials were very similar. They both had a family theme and they made sure to recite the ingredients.

  20. Elle O'Brien Says:

    The nutella commercials were very similar. Both talked about the ingredients in the nutella and mentioned some nutrition facts. Also, both appeared in a family setting. both showed the lifestyles in Italy or American and focused on the family. However, the Lavazza commercials were very different. The American lavazza commercial was very intimate and romantic and took place in Italy. Whereas the Italian lavazza commercial, had a much lighter feeling that went along with it. It took place among the clouds and included humor and a very fun scene taking place.

  21. Raven Says:

    The first Lavazza commercial portrayed a date located in Venice. The vibe was very sensuous and couple was growing more intimate as the commercial went on. The second Lavazza commercial took place in heaven. The Italian version of this commercial took on a a comedic more fun tone. Both Nutella commercials had the element of Nutella being a family product. Except of course the Italian family was different from the American family. The American family seemed to be the type of family that could use the product as a quick and easy condiment where as the Italian family seemed to be more of a leisurely family. Additionally, they both talked about the ingredients and nutrition of Nutella.

  22. Alex Gold Says:

    In the American Lavazza commercial, I had no idea what the product was until the very end when they finally showed that it was coffee. I didn’t see the relation between a couple’s romance and coffee, but i guess they were trying to show that attractive people in love drink their coffee. The Italian version made a bit more sense to me because it demonstrated how the coffee was so tasty that even people in heaven drink it. The two Nutella commercials are pretty similar. Both show Nutella being essential to a healthy family breakfast.

  23. Alberto Abhishek Dasgupta Says:

    The Italian Lavassa commercial took place on a cloud, where the people in heaven were discussing the amount of coffee that American’s drink, whereas the American commercial was more orientated around love and romance all being part of the Italian “experience.”

    The nutella commercials were similar in both countries. Both commercials were orientated around family and the naturalness of the product. The only difference was that the American commercial tried to put out the idea that nutella made you smarter, whereas the Italian commercial put out the idea that nutella brought your family closer together (the father and son).

  24. Mario Lee Says:

    The American Lavazza commercial took on a romantic and lustuous atmosphere, attributing such romance within its coffee. The Italian version depicted a group of friends on a cloud, inferably paradise, sharing the advertised coffee, enjoying themselves. Here, the Italian commercial seems to emphasize on good times with friends.
    The Italian Nutella commercial begins with an intro of its simple ingredients and then portrays a happy Italian family sharing and enjoying it. The American commercial also shows a family enjoying Nutella. However, this version involves much more informality with the members, especially with light humor mixed in. So, while they both highlight the Nutella’s seemingly uncanny ability of bringing joy to families, the American one is much more direct and familiar than the Italian one, which, I believe the family did not speak at all.

  25. Elisa Park Says:

    Both the nutella commercial were very similar. It implied nutella as a family product. While giving a family theme, it also gave the ingredients of nutell. It also shows that it is a good choice for breakfast. In the italian one, the son and father were having a father-son bond. The english one show the family members getting read for the day and not really having a family bond. The Lavassa comercials are very different. The italian commercial took place in heaven and had more of a funny theme. In the english commercial, the women and men were being more sexual and romantic.

  26. Lorenzo Birger Says:

    I watched the lavazza commercials and there were many differences between the american and italian commercials. In the american version they try giving a very seductive image and show love to advertise lavazza. In Italy they went more for laughs and made it a unique theme in heaven

  27. Matteo Says:

    I watch both of the nutella commercials and i thought that they were somewhat similar because they both made it clear that it had natrual ingredients. In the us commercial it showed a family having breakfest and that they all were eating nutella. In the italian comercial it showed a lot of the natrual stuff in it.

  28. Alberto K Says:

    In the lavassa comercial for the italian one it shopwed that it tasted so good that people in heaven drank it. In the american one i did not see the relation of romance and the coffee for anything. I dont get wh ythey would put those 2 together.

  29. Cesare Small Says:

    In the commercials for Lavazza I found that the American versian went for more of a stereotypical romantic view of Italy to try and provoke people to drink coffee to feel more Italian. In the Italian versian they took more of a comical approach trying to get people to drink the coffee as a casual drink with other people. As for nutella, they both were very similar since both involved a family enjoying nutella together and they both showed how nutella can be a healthy product that families would want to buy and use daily instead of occasionally.

  30. Emilia Bochner Says:

    After watching these commercials, I noticed that the ones advertising Lavazza were extremely different. In the Italian one, it was more comedic and light and funny, whereas the one for the USA was more seductive and sexy, with sultry music in the background and a good looking couple drinking the coffee. Where the Lavazza commercials were very different, the commercials for Nutella were very similar. Both showed happy, busy families eating breakfast involving Nutella and mentioning the health benefits of the product.

    • Samanta Berenbaum Says:

      I watched the Lavazza commercials and they were very different. The american one was more romantic with just the two of them drinking the coffee. The Italian one is more comedic with a group of men drinking coffee in heaven. They are geared towards different audiences.

  31. Giorgio Lee Says:

    Both the commercials for nutella were very similar. Both american and Italian commercials promoted family, happiness, how organic the nutella is by showing nutritious facts, and both took place around the breakfast table. For the lavazza commercials they were totally different. The italian version promoted happiness and friendship and took place in heaven. While the american commercial took place in venice and promoted love and romance.

  32. Josh Han Says:

    The American commercial for the coffee was extremely sexual, even showing the viewers a bit of cleavage. Personally, I find it very inappropiate since this little clip is supposed to be advertising a coffee. The Italian commercial on the otherhand was comedic and slightly more about the actual coffee.
    The nutella commercials were both similar in that they kept on showing people slathering that black chocolatey goodness on bread and eating it, and both commercials showed families enjoying their great nutella meal!
    -Ugo Han

  33. Vito Says:

    The American Lavazza commercial took on a very different take than the Italian. The American commercial took a much more sexually intruiging outtake, while the italian went with a more comedic approach. In the nutella commercial. The Lavazza commercials were very different from the Nutella commercials, which both took on a very warm, welcoming family approach to let us know that Nutella is a snack that can be enjoyed with your family, unlike coffee which is more of a solo snack.

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